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Seagull Control Gloucestershire

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Seagulls are an increasing nuisance, causing problems across the coast and many urban areas.

Good planning is needed for effective seagull control as, once in nesting season, it is illegal to remove or disturb seagulls without a specialist licence and permission to do so.

JG Pest Control is able to acquire licences for these specific situations.

Watch this info-video to see proofing options available.

Seagull Control Services

Flat roofs and ledges are favoured by seagulls, where they are safe from any immediate threat posed by humans and other animals. They seek to be above ground level, as this allows them the advantage of extended sight. This often means seagulls nest in tricky to reach areas, so removing and proofing against them is often difficult.

Seagulls can be territorial and will attack if you are encroaching on their nesting area. This ‘dive bombing’ is a serious concern for any contractor or personnel in an area populated with seagulls. JG Pest Control has a specialist bird control team with numerous skills and tools, allowing us to carry out work in areas that are tough to access. Abseiling, cherry pickers, access booms and scaffolding are just some of the methods we use.

Seagulls cause significant problems on building sites. During the spring, when the gulls are nesting, it is unsafe for contractors to work on site, as the birds become aggressive. If allowed to nest, building work is often put on hold until after the season. To prevent this happening, it is a good idea to have a specialist install deterrent and proofing measures before the gulls can nest. Bird control using hawks or falcons is also an effective measure before the nesting has begun.

JG Services

  • Specialist gull netting
  • Seagull spike installation
  • Hawking and routine pest control using bird of prey
  • Abseiling and rope access
  • Bird trapping
  • Seagull nest removal and guano cleaning
  • Bespoke gull control

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Whether your seagull problem is in the city or on the coast, JG Pest Control is the specialist provider of seagull control services.


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